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08:07pm 23/01/2005
mood: Look i can drah
Okay..if people see this banner and say hey you stole it.I didn't.I don't know who did this..ugh..I meant to find out seeing as i'm lazy.Well..I'm gonna find out.Okay...love the Mcr hotness.

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Okay I got some rules for my journal

1.I rule and you all should know that.

2.There will be a lot of cursing so be prepared.

3.I love you.Always.

4.I will have a lot of drama and a lot of racist comments.But it's all fun and jokes.

5.I will be deleting some people who aren't fun.They need to be cool.

6.I will have a lot of quizzes and please do comment on them and tell me your results.

7.No anonymous crap.I hate that.Have a user name.Please.Only jen can do those cool anonymous things.I'm sorry but she is special to me.

8.Call me by my nick names.Grey,grace,gre.

9.I will try to comment on all of my friends journals if i can.

10.Please don't get bitchy with my other friends.We all are friends.Let's treat eachother with that gay respect.

Love you guys,

*- Grey -*


(41 collisions | of your kiss that made it so hard)